Engineering jobs

You have come to the right place if you are currently seeking engineering jobs. We have an extensive list of jobs in the engineering domain aimed towards various skill sets and experience levels, from an intern to a seasoned professional and from onsite to fully remote from different places worldwide.

Type of roles included in Engineering

The field has multiple roles based on your education, experience, and qualification. Some functions that are part of Engineering include Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Sales Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Materials Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Structural Engineer, and so on.

What kind of responsibilities does a typical role include?

Engineering jobs

These are not for a specific role, and most of the time, companies modify the positions. Some responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Responsible for planning and supervising building projects, performing site inspections, and controlling project costs and schedules.
  • Develop and test mechanical systems, look for new solutions to problems, and assess system performance.
  • Demonstrate products, propose solutions to satisfy customer needs, and provide technical expertise to customers.
  • Perform experiments and simulations, create aircraft and spacecraft, and ensure safety rules are followed.
  • Investigate, create, and test materials for diverse sectors. Analyse characteristics, suggest appropriate materials, conduct research, monitor quality control, and address material problems.
  • Create solutions for environmental problems as an ecological engineer. Conduct impact evaluations, keep track of data, verify rules are followed, and reduce environmental effects.
  • Assess the structure’s stability and safety. Work on towers, bridges, and systems. Determine loads, choose materials, make blueprints, conduct inspections, and judge the structural soundness.

Usually, Engineering roles involve some knowledge of software as well. This can include Tools like ANSYS, COMSOL, or MATLAB/Simulink. CAD software such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, or CATIA. Programming languages like Python, C++, or MATLAB. Project management tools like Microsoft Project, Asana, or Trello.

The exact job description, responsibilities, and duties vary depending on the role, level of seniority, industry, and organization.


Some educational links for engineering jobs

  • Coursera– courses on various engineering disciplines and courses on subjects like civil engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, and data science. etc
  • edX– courses on robotics, environmental engineering, structural analysis, and software engineering.
  •– courses on mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and more.
  • Khan Academy– courses on math for engineering, physics, electrical engineering, and computer programming.

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