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You have come to the right place if you are currently seeking legal jobs. We have an extensive list of jobs in the legal domain aimed towards various skill sets and experience levels, from an intern to a seasoned professional and from onsite to fully remote from different places worldwide.

Type of roles included in Legal

The field has multiple roles based on your education, experience, and qualification. Some functions of Legal include Attorney, Legal Analyst, Paralegal, Mediator, Compliance officer, Information security officer, privacy officer, and so on.

Legal JobsWhat kind of responsibilities does a typical role include?

These are not for a specific role, and most of the time, companies modify the positions. Some responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Offer legal counsel, represent customers in court and negotiations, conduct research, draft legal papers, and represent clients in legal disputes.
  • They research legal issues, examine legal paperwork, help design legal arguments, and check agreements and legal paperwork for compliance and correctness.
  • Performs legal research, produces papers, gathers case materials, helps with trial preparation, and offers administrative support; paralegals also organize case materials.
  • Assist disputing parties in communicating with one another and use negotiation and conflict resolution strategies to get to mutually acceptable outcomes.
  • Officers ensure that organizations follow all relevant internal policies, laws, and regulations. They create and carry out compliance programs, do audits, deliver training, and address compliance problems.

Usually, Legal roles involve some knowledge of software as well. Tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are essential for drafting legal documents. Software such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive. Tools like PracticePanther, Clio, MyCase, etc.

The exact job description, responsibilities, and duties vary depending on the role, level of seniority, industry, and organization.

Some educational links for legal jobs

  • Justia– Courses in case law, statutes, legal forms, legal news, etc
  • Harvard Law School’s Free Online Courses– Courses in legal topics through their online platform, including contracts, copyright law, international law, and more. etc
  • Coursera – Courses in AI and Law etc

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