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You have come to the right place if you are currently seeking Management Jobs. We have an extensive list of jobs in the Management domain aimed towards various skill sets and experience levels, from an intern to a seasoned professional and from onsite to fully remote from different places worldwide.

Type of roles included in Management jobs

The field has multiple roles based on your education, experience, and qualification. Some management functions include Strategy Analyst, Operations Manager, Operations Lead, Strategy Analyst, Publishing Manager, Manufacturing, Business Operations, Strategy, Supply chain and logistics, and so on.

What kind of responsibilities does a typical role include?

Management JobsThese are not for a specific role, and most of the time, companies modify the positions. Some responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Responsible for setting goals for strategic objectives, drafting plans, and establishing goals for their team, unit, department, or company. This can include action plan creation for achieving desired outcomes.
  • Organizing and coordinating the activities of the cross-functional team, units, and departments to ensure errorless and smooth operations.
  • Managers often mentor, coach, lead, and guide their team to perform with maximum efficiency and remove blockers. They also support creating a positive work environment. This includes conflict management, group professional development, and guidance to help achieve goals.
  • Management can also create budgets with the finance department, allocate costs, and ensure efficient use of available resources. This can also include optimization of costs.
  • Managers often are responsible for supporting continuous improvement in all business processes, documentation, and other aspects of the business to ensure maximum efficiency and positivity of the team,

Usually, management jobs involve some knowledge of software as well. This can include types of project management tools like Asana, Trello, and Jira, communication/collaboration tools like Miro, Whimsical, Google Workspace, and Slack, Productivity tools like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, and Google Slides; and process automation tools like Make, and Zapier,

The exact job description, responsibilities, and duties vary depending on the role, level of seniority, industry, and organization.


Some educational links

  • Udemy – Management skills, Project management, time management, Leadership, Negotiation, and Building Employee Engagement.
  • edX– People Management, Becoming an Effective Leader, Introduction to Project Management, Supply Chain Management
  • Coursera – Google Project Management, Principles of Management, Strategic Leadership and Management, Connected Leadership

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