Acquisition Portfolio Credit Risk Advisor (Hybrid)@ Fannie Mae

Job Information

Job Description:


The Acquisition Portfolio Credit Risk Advisor role will offer you the flexibility to make each day your own, while working alongside people who care so that you can deliver on the following responsibilities:

  • Identify and advise on risks to a group or the organization, by applying data analytics skills, advanced tools or techniques, and credit risk management knowledge.
  • Analyze risks and research solutions.
  • Advise and instruct teams and business groups on risk mitigation strategies.
  • Consult on plans or decisions to avoid risks or mitigate their impact.
  • Conduct research to understand and assess emerging risks.



Minimum Required Experience

  • 6 years relevant experience
  • Mortgage industry experience strongly preferred
  • Hands-on risk management experience strongly preferred
  • Intermediate proficiency in SQL
  • Experience using Tableau

Desired Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Experience working with Fannie Mae Internal Models (SFM, CCFA), and understand Enterprise Regulatory Capital Framework
  • Familiar with stress testing
  • Understand CECL methodology and drivers
  • Experience analyzing data to identify trends or relationships to inform conclusions about the data
  • Able to apply complex solution to financial analysis or forecasting, which may include scenario or sensitivity analysis, stress testing, or attribution analysis.
  • Skilled in the graphical representation of information in the form of a charts, diagrams, pictures, and dashboards with programs and tools such as Excel and Tableau; ability to present information in an engaging, easy to understand manner
  • Able to work with individuals having different functional expertise respectfully and cooperatively while working toward a common goal
  • Experience using programing languages such as Python or R
  • CFA or FRM preferred

Additional Information

Experience Level: Mid-Senior
Work From: Hybrid

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