Analyst – Wireline Transformation and Supply Chain Strategy @ AT&T

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  • Collect information such as financial or operational data from numerous sources in various formats and translate it into a standard format in order to identify trends or improve cost.
  • Apply quantitative finance and accounting principles in clean sheet models to accurately understand true vendor pricing for services and products rendered to AT&T.
  • Construct and apply statistical and/or financial models and/or analysis to identify opportunities to drive cost savings.
  • Design and/or create reports/summaries, reporting tools, and database requirements to help operational effectiveness and decision making.
  • Analyze production, implementation and/or manufacturing expenses/process to determine most cost effective solutions.
  • Identify root cause cost drivers for the current state and develop sourcing recommendations to achieve savings.
  • Research industry benchmarks and other key data resources to support analysis.
  • Apply and model lean and six sigma methodologies within should cost models.
  • Apply design-to-value methodologies to understand true clean sheet costs of services.
  • Analyze internal or supplier information, analysis and data models, and all key outputs to ensure data is correctly constructed in order to ensure accuracy of analysis.
  • Perform advanced statistical calculations, including expected value calculations, regression analysis, variance and standard deviation calculations, and calculating appropriate prediction intervals.
  • Support program management efforts across multiple projects and functions.
  • Provides support to multiple team members and cross- functional organizations.
  • Assignments are very complex, cross-functional and require seasoned analytical skills with high level of proficiency.


  • Required Bachelors degree; preferred in Business, Finance, Applied Mathematics, Economics, Engineering, Computer Science, or Supply Chain


  • Required: Strong comfort level with modeling and analytics in Excel
  • Required: Strong comfort level with creating presentations in PowerPoint


  • Typically 0-3 years of related experience. Advanced data modeling experience and effective communication skills.

Experience Level: Mid-Senior
Work From: Onsite

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