Assistant Procurement Manager @ HP

Job Information

Job Description:

  • Execute purchase requisitions, purchase orders to suppliers to enable on-time delivery from suppliers for key components.
  • Execute sales orders to ODM and closely monitor the good receipt status.
  • Collaborate with internal functional teams to meet commodity objectives, business controls, and compliance requirements.
  • Ensure assurance of supply, manage inventory, and maintain service levels to meet business requirements.
  • Monitor and optimize the logistic flows for shipment deliveries.
  • Perform process-oriented tasks applying discretion and judgment and maintain system operation accuracy and timeliness under changing ERP system environments.
  • Perform tasks as assigned and applies experience to align individual work with overall strategy using discretion and judgment.
  • Enhance operation processes continuously to improve efficiency by using automated tools or process optimization.
  • Execute risk mitigation and business continuity, protect company confidentiality.
  • Manage defective materials return process by tracking timely return authorization and logistic flows, and credit back to close the return within the agreed turnaround time.
  • Input all return related information in ERP system timely.
  • Ensure supplier’s invoices and credits’ accuracy.
  • Coordinate with supplier and ODM to assist finance department for payment issue investigation & resolution.
  • Conduct physical count at ODM factory or supplier site on monthly basis.



  • Bachelor’s degree or above.
  • Highly accountable, result-oriented, and good teamwork.
  • Self-motivated and can adopt dynamic changes with growth mind-set.
  • Developed analytical and technical aptitude with skillful experience of office tools is preferred.
  • Strong understanding of procurement processes.
  • Good understanding of corporate compliance.
  • Basic understanding of ERP system.
  • Basic project management skills.
  • Fluent English both in written and oral.
  • Mandarin speaking is preferred.
  • High competency in MS office skills.
  • Strong business application skills.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Good project management skills.
  • Be familiar with local Customs law and regulations.
  • Prefer to understand auto tools: Power automates, VBA, Python, Power BI etc.

Experience Level: Junior/Associate
Work From: Onsite

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