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1. Work closely with the scriptwriter, responsible for the creative direction of the game story, producing an animated storyboard, taking care of the camera work of the pieces, as well as the actor’s performance and editing.

2. Responsible for the game character background story, and character relationships, enriching our game experience.

3. Participate in the full production process, provide performance explanations to the actors/actresses and the production team, supervise motion capture, and work with the team to maintain high standards for performance, editing, acting, and post-production sound, providing feedback and adjustments.

4. Be responsible for the overall game experience in an unreal 5 AAA game real-time running


1. Passionate about games, with a strong creative enthusiasm for narrative-driven performances. Possess over 7 years of experience in the film, animation, or gaming industry as a director.

2. Understand modern Western culture and characters, and way of telling a story. Approach the best game experiences creatively and independently, producing animated storyboards, and supervising their implementation within the game engine.

3. Excellent cinematography work, storytelling techniques, and understanding of the concept of the visual hierarchy and how to lead the player’s attention to the story. Excellent sense of aesthetics, be able to create outstanding works in all ways.

4. Participate in and guide motion capture, actor performances, art concept design, 2D and 3D art production teams, music and sound effects, and collaborate with multiple outsourced teams to direct and complete the full production. Make sure the narrative experience performs in conjunction with the game experience.

5. Familiar with the UE5 engine IGC production process, understand the strengths and weaknesses of the engine, and know the full pipeline for cinematic production.

6. Communication Skills, able to accurately express opinions and provide suggestions, possess professional bilingual communication skills in both Chinese and English, and can effectively express and communicate in an English-speaking environment.

Experience Level: Executive
Work From: Onsite

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