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  • Community Engagement: Build and maintain relationships with Amplitude community members. Spearhead initiatives to enhance community engagement, including brainstorming and supporting experiments to move key metrics of weekly new and weekly active members.
  • Community Programs: Organize and moderate sync (virtual and in-person) and async member programs to connect Amplitude members, grow our base, and scale best practice sharing across the community.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with internal teams, including Marketing, Education, Partners, Customer Success, and Product, to align community efforts with company goals.
  • Content Creation: Lead content efforts from blog posts and newsletters to video content, ensuring high-quality, engaging materials that resonate with our community. While writing can be outsourced, strong writing skills and clear communication are essential.
  • Building Feedback Loops: Act as a bridge between the Amplitude community, our product development and customer account teams, gathering feedback, feature requests, and insights to drive product improvements and research.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 5 years of experience in growth marketing, analytics, product management, or a related field
  • Experience building, contributing to, or managing communities is a big plus
  • Proven track record of growing and engaging online communities.
  • Strong analytical skills to measure community health and member journey stages.
  • Proficient and experience generating insights in Amplitude or a similar behavioral analytics platform.
  • Exceptional writing and communication skills, with an ability to create engaging content.
  • Experience in event planning and management, both virtual and in-person.
  • Creative thinker with a knack for testing new ideas and innovating community strategies.

You’ll be a great addition to the team if you:

  • Embrace the customer as part of the team. We believe you don’t build what the customer wants, but what the customer wants to become. To create that future, you first have to be an expert in the problem. You interact with members directly – proxies don’t work – so you always gather first-hand feedback.
  • Empower everyone to be a leader. We believe teams closest to the problem are best suited to make the hard decisions quickly. You are given autonomy to ensure we are always progressing forward.
  • Inspire through storytelling. We believe it is our responsibility to motivate internal stakeholders and our community members through memorable stories that build a deep understanding of our users’ experience. You tell stories to communicate strategy and inspire the outcomes we want to create for our members.
  • Learn through frequent iteration. We believe that rapid iteration is the #1 indicator of success. You strive for a 10x vision, but you get there through 0.1 iterations. To continuously learn, you have to co-develop with members. It may be faster to build behind closed doors, but by testing “skateboards” you can learn if you’re on the right path and gain the confidence needed to build a world-class experience.

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Remote from Country

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