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Key Responsibilities:
  • Creative Strategy and Ideation: Contribute to the development of our content marketing strategy and take ownership of its execution, focusing on innovative content concepts that align with our brand’s vision, mission, and values. Your role involves leading the charge in creative brainstorming and concept development that sets SwissBorg apart in the market.
  • Trend Analysis and Industry Insight: Maintain a pulse on the latest content marketing trends, audience preferences, and industry shifts to ensure our content is relevant, engaging, and ahead of the curve. Utilise this insight to guide our content strategy and execution.
  • Content Creation and Execution: Work closely with internal teams to bring your creative visions to life. While not directly responsible for content production, your role ensures all content is cohesive, engaging, and aligned with our brand identity.
  • Brand Positioning and Messaging: Develop and refine our brand messaging to effectively position SwissBorg in the market. Your strategic initiatives will highlight our unique value proposition, ensuring our messaging is clear, compelling, and consistent across all platforms.
  • Community Engagement and Growth: Foster a vibrant, engaged community around our brand by developing content that encourages interaction, feedback, and participation. Your efforts will build a strong, relatable presence that resonates with and expands our community base.
  • Strategic Innovation and Market Differentiation: Lead our brand’s continual evolution through insightful narrative crafting around product innovation, strategic marketing initiatives, and proactive market engagement strategies. Your work will ensure SwissBorg stands out and fosters long-term loyalty and growth in the crypto market.
What you might bring:
    • Experience and Skills: Proven experience in content marketing, especially within the fintech or cryptocurrency sectors, showcasing your ability to lead creative content initiatives. A portfolio that demonstrates exceptional creative thinking, strategic planning, and a talent for storytelling and narrative crafting.
    • Leadership and Collaboration: Strong leadership and teamwork skills, capable of inspiring an internal team and collaborating effectively across departments to realise our content and brand vision.
    • Communication: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to engage a diverse range of audiences and stakeholders.
    • Adaptability: High level of adaptability and resilience, with the capacity to navigate the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of our industry, maintaining focus on strategic goals.

Experience Level: Mid-Senior
Work From: Remote from Anywhere

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