Culinary Internship (Mandatory Internship) @ Bella and Bona

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Complete your mandatory culinary internship in one of our kitchens alongside our experienced kitchen managers and staff. Doing your internship with Bella & Bona will give you a unique experience of a tech driven kitchen operation and the world of “ghost kitchens”.

During your internship you will:

  • Management of kitchen processes
  • Helping in the preparation of dishes
  • Learning how to present dishes.
  • Receiving and storing provisions.
  • Ensure consistent quality by presentation, communication, and initiation
  • Ensure timely preparation of all meals
  • Ensure that the correct quantities are prepared to meet daily needs.
  • Utilize kitchen equipment during food preparation
  • Serve food in the proper portion size and at the proper temperature
  • You are currently enrolled in a culinary school or degree and need to complete a 3-6 month mandatory or voluntary culinary internship
  • You speak English, knowledge of German is a strong plus
  • You have already earned your first experience in a kitchen, preferably in a fast food chain
  • A degree in business, hospitality, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts or food management is a plus

Experience Level: Internship
Work From: Onsite

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