Job Information

Job Description:


-Order scheduling, rescheduling

-PIR&CIR management

-ECN management

-Production order management

-Machine configuration Review and Check

-Slowing moving, Surplus & obsolete material follow up

-Lane availability management

-Planning system operation

-“Product activity Notice” review and study

-Kits management (Dealer, FTO)

-Product distribution center collaboration

Skill Descriptors

Demand Management: Knowledge of processes and methods of Demand Management; ability to effectively sense, predict, plan for and manage the demand for products and services.

Level Working Knowledge:

• Participates in the preparation of short-term demand management for a specific product or site.

• Summarizes and reports problems such as issues and concerns currently existing in demand management operations.

• Uses tools, with guidance, to predict and plan demand, assess seasonal factors and trends and effectively influence demand.

Forecasting: Knowledge of forecasting tools, approaches and practices; ability to determine product demand and estimate production requirements and loads.

Level Working Knowledge:

• Participates in preparation of short-term forecasts for a specific product or site.

• Gathers and analyzes demand data with specific tools and procedures.

• Locates useful information and sources of input used in weekly, monthly and quarterly forecasts.

Data Gathering & Analysis: Knowledge of data gathering and analysis tools, techniques, and processes; ability to collect and synthesize data from a variety of stakeholders and sources in an objective manner to reach a conclusion, goal, or judgment.

Level Extensive Experience:

• Advises on advanced data gathering and analysis methodologies and technologies.

• Oversees data gathering and analysis activities within the organization.

• Documents sources and validates the accuracy of data analysis by evaluating the pros and cons of data analysis methods used.

Planning: Tactical, Strategic: Knowledge of effective planning techniques and ability to contribute to operational (short term), tactical (1-2 years) and strategic (3-5 years) planning in support of the overall business plan.

Level Working Knowledge:

• Contributes to short-term operational plans.

• Anticipates and adapts to plan changes.

• Monitors progress of work against plan as required to meet objectives.

• Reports variances and makes agreed-upon corrections.

Analytical Thinking: Knowledge of techniques and tools that promote effective analysis; ability to determine the root cause of organizational problems and create alternative solutions that resolve these problems.

Level Extensive Experience:

• Seeks discrepancies and inconsistencies in available information; explains variances.

• Identifies many possible causes for a problem based on prior experience and current research.

• Quantifies the costs, benefits, risks and chances for success before recommending a course of action.

Problem Solving: Knowledge of approaches, tools, techniques for recognizing, anticipating, and resolving organizational, operational or process problems; ability to apply knowledge of problem solving appropriately to diverse situations.

Level Working Knowledge:

• Identifies and documents specific problems and resolution alternatives.

• Examines a specific problem and understands the perspective of each involved stakeholder.

• Develops alternative techniques for assessing accuracy and relevance of information.

• Helps to analyze risks and benefits of alternative approaches and obtain decision on resolution.

Experience Level: Mid-Senior
Work From: Onsite

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