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Are you

  • A linguistics student who is passionate about language and its close connection with behavioral psychology and sociology?
  • An English literature student who understands and applies writing techniques to create interesting and accessible content?
  • A media or journalism student who knows how to identify target audiences and shape engaging content for them?
  • A student who proactively finds ways to use your writing skills, such as working for a student magazine or blog?

And have you ever thought:

“I love what I’m studying, but I have no idea how to turn it into something I get paid for.”

May we introduce you to content design — a super exciting internship opportunity at Wise.


What’s content design?

Content design (also known as UX writing) is about surfacing the right information at the right time in a way that customers understand. You’ll often find content designers working for the government or tech organisations: think Google, Meta, Government Digital Services (GDS), etc.

It combines writing skills, user research, and design thinking all into one role. has a great blog explaining what this career is all about.

You’ll collaborate with product designers and managers, user researchers, engineers and analysts.

Your work will be varied. One day you might be interviewing customers to understand their needs. Next, you may be rewriting some copy to make a part of the customer experience clearer. Or, you might be sketching some ideas for an entirely new experience altogether. Lots of experienced content designers have a background in journalism, copywriting or marketing. So, if you’re studying something related to these fields, and you’re interested in a career in the digital sector, love writing, and want to collaboratively solve problems, then content design could be a great career for you.


Experience Level: Internship
Work From: Onsite

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