Head of Treasury @ Ava Labs

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  • Strategic Planning and Forecasting:
  • Lead strategic liquidity and financial planning, focusing on detailed cash and AVAX assets projections to support the company’s growth and strategic objectives
  • Develop sophisticated forecasting models to accurately predict liquidity needs and asset value fluctuations, integrating market trends and company goals
  • Cash and Liquidity Management:
  • Direct operational treasury activities, including cash flow optimization, liquidity forecasting, and payment processing, in line with strategic objectives
  • Devise liquidity strategies to navigate the unique challenges of cryptocurrency assets and DeFi, with a particular focus on AVAX dynamics
  • Implement proactive liquidity monitoring and forecasting to manage crypto market volatility effectively
  • Financial Operations:
  • Optimize crypto staking operations while balancing liquidity requirements
  • Manage bank accounts, ensuring appropriate maintenance and signatory authority
  • Collaborate with finance, accounting, legal, and compliance teams for integrated treasury operations and adherence to best practices and regulatory standards
  • Align liquidity management with the company’s broader investment and financing strategies
  • Ensure daily cash operations are efficient and cash flow forecasts meet operational demands
  • Risk Management, Forecasting, and Modeling:
  • Establish a comprehensive risk management framework addressing the unique risks of digital assets, especially regarding cash and AVAX
  • Employ advanced modeling and forecasting to assess and mitigate market impacts on treasury operations
  • Continuously refine risk management strategies to keep pace with the evolving digital asset markets
  • Assess and monitor counterparty risks associated with the company’s financial partners and service providers
  • Conduct regular reviews of counterparty risk exposure and adjust risk management strategies as necessary
  • Financial Operations, Reporting, and Compliance:
  • Guide the treasury team in utilizing technology and financial software to streamline operations and ensure policy and regulatory compliance
  • Maintain all treasury activities within legal, corporate governance, and internal policy frameworks
  • Regularly report on cash position, liquidity forecasts, and counterparty risks to senior management and stakeholders
  • Leadership and Team Development:
  • Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, fostering collaboration and peak performance
  • Enhance cross-functional collaboration, ensuring effective communication and partnership across departments


  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business Administration, or related field; Master’s degree or certifications (e.g., CTP, CPA) preferred
  • At least seven years of experience in treasury, finance, or similar roles, with significant emphasis on digital assets and risk management
  • Proven expertise in financial planning, risk management, and treasury operations, particularly with digital assets like AVAX
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and leadership skills and a deep understanding of market dynamics and digital assets
  • Exceptional communication skills and experience in stakeholder and relationship management


  • Experience with blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency transactions, and security protocols
  • Familiarity with treasury and financial software, plus advanced data analysis tools (e.g., Excel, Python, SQL)
  • Understanding of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) tools and techniques

Experience Level: Executive
Work From: Remote from Country United States of America

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