Helpdesk / On-Site Administrator@ Xerox

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Job Description:

  • Monitors all facets of the equipment fleet program to ensure that our client’s performance standards are maintained, and contracted service levels are consistently met.
  • Engages our client and/or third-party resources to anticipate and prevent problems, as well as to remedy problems as they occur.
  • Acts as a supporting interface to all client locations for management of performance issues.
  • Monitors the parts and supplies procurement and distribution program, as well as an onsite inventory of key parts and supply items, including waste toner bottles.
  • Monitors Call / Support Center activity to ensure service response requirements are met and that parts arrive in support of dispatched service technicians at the appropriate place and time.
  • Coordinates and tracks equipment moves, removals, and installations.
  • Manages the collection of periodic meter readings, including review and validation.
  • The Helpdesk / On-Site Administrator will work closely with our customer to integrate with the chosen helpdesk ticketing platform.
  • Proactively manages proper configuration including set-up of consistent workflow scanning settings for all locations. For example, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Media Access Control (MAC) Address. 
  • Proactively manages firmware version prior to installation of new and swapped multifunctional devices to ensure ease of implementation. Maintains / updates the Supplier Fleet Management databases and generates / distributes appropriate periodic reports.
  • Acts as an advocate for the client in all matters concerning the fleet and provides analysis, reporting and other support as required.
  • Prior experience managing equipment fleet implementations.
  • A+ Certification.
  • Software / Server experience.
  • Experience with printers and multifunctional devices on Local Area Networks.
How We Set You Up for Success:
  • You will have access to all the support staff and tools from suppliers to manage the day-to-day operations of the client’s equipment and software. 
  • Must complete and adhere to our customer’s standards for annual Compliance training.  This training is scheduled in advance and typically requires approximately 8-20 hours to complete and covers such topics as Genoa security, HIPAA rules, workplace ethics, code of conduct and other related topics. 
  • You will be equipped with mobile devices that will alert them to a service call or request for support to be dispatched from our Call Center.
  • After implementation, supplier will collaborate with our client on a continual basis to review the Helpdesk / On-Site Administrator job duties and provide recommendations for improvement based on advanced technology tools for delivery and transparency of services in real time.

Experience Level: Junior/Associate
Work From: Onsite

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