I&E Maintenance Master Mechanic@ PBF Energy

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  • Install, maintain, calibrate, and repair various instrumentation and electrical systems including analyzers, pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, control valves, flow meters, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and distributed control systems (DCS).
  • Conduct routine inspections and preventive maintenance on instrumentation and electrical equipment to ensure reliability and identify threats.
  • Troubleshoot electrical and instrumentation issues with appropriate testing and diagnostic equipment.
  • Perform installations, calibrations, maintenance, and troubleshooting on instrumentation and analyzer systems.
    • Instrumentation includes flow, temperature, pressure, and level displacers/transmitters, control circuits, electronic/pneumatic control valves and actuators, and programmable logic controllers (PLC).
  • Install, maintain, and troubleshoot various types of instruments and analyzers which involves:
    • Operate handheld equipment including multi-meters, pressure calibrators, smart communicators, thermocouple/Resistant Temperature Detector simulators, dead weight testers, and meggers.
    • Monitor the performance of installed instrumentation equipment.
    • Operate plant vehicles, hand tools, and equipment including power lift equipment and man-lifts.
  • Participate in testing of safety systems to verify integrity of devices.
  • Communicate technical updates with supervisor and operations personnel.
  • Cross-qualify as a T-3 operator to safely assist with PMA production and act as PIC at the dock as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned by management.


  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required, a degree in electrical or instrumentation technology is preferred.
  • Experience in Refinery or Terminal Operations is preferred.
  • Must hold a valid driver’s license.
  • Strong knowledge of electrical systems, instrumentation controls, and process control systems.
  • Proficiency in reading and interpreting electrical and instrumentation diagrams, drawings, and technical manuals.
  • Experience with troubleshooting and repairing various types of controls systems including PLCs and DCSs.
  • Experience with vibration monitoring systems and process analyzers.
  • Experience with tools and diagnostic equipment used to troubleshoot, repair, replace, and test instrument loops, electrical circuits, and equipment.
  • Must be eligible to qualify for and maintain a Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC card) or currently hold this ID card.

Experience Level: Mid-Senior
Work From: Onsite

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