Imaging Scientist Internship @ Xerox

Job Information

Job Description:


  • Responsible for developing image-based controls, including missing jet determination, streak analysis, image registration measurement and correction, color enhancement, print inspection and verification techniques, & inkjet dot placement.
  • Provide analysis and innovative ideas that will further enhance Xerox’s Contact Image Sensor (CIS) with sensor controls of custom image sensing chips.
  • Develop technical solutions to complex problems that require ingenuity, creativity and sound business judgment.
  • Translate new/existing scientific knowledge into enabling technologies; perform analytical, experimental and modeling work to solve business problems in a timely manner.

Required Qualifications

  •  Pusuing a BS degree in Electrical Engineering or Imaging Science or related field with experience with image analysis. 
  • Ability to design and test algorithms in a simulation environment using: Matlab, Python, or C++.  Knowledge of OpenCV is desired but not required.  Experience with GPU programming desired. 
  • Knowledge of basic imaging functions like geometric (e.g. affine) transformations, simple target (e.g. crosshair) detection, 2D digital filtering (smoothing and edge enhancement) and morphological processing (e.g. erosion/dilation) is strongly recommended

Experience Level: Internship
Work From: Onsite

Company Information

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