In Vivo Senior Associate Scientist @ Pfizer

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  • Animal Study Coordination: Organizing / coordinating with comparative medicine staff.
  • Carry out animal procedures required to evaluate the immunogenicity and efficacy of vaccines and study of human pathogen infection and disease including tissue harvesting.
  • Assist in the development of animal models required to support various vaccine projects.
  • Write documentation of all work in electronic notebook as required.
  • Support colleagues in the laboratory by performing routine laboratory duties that can include preparation of media, stocking of reagents, ordering supplies, processing samples.
  • Work efficiently as part of a team in a matrixed environment.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in following SOPs and proper handling of drug products; mastery of aseptic technique and familiarity with BSL2 and ABSL2 safety practices for working in the laboratory.
  • Where applicable, perform job responsibilities in compliance with cGMP/GLP and all other regulatory agency requirements.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



  • Bachelor’s degree and an additional 2-3 years relevant laboratory and/or vivarium experience required.
  • Technical experience in the development and execution of animal models of infectious disease and immunological assays required.
  • Ability to work semi-independently, adept at using personal computers – including word processing, spreadsheets, PRISM, PowerPoint and other relevant scientific software.
  • Motivated, flexible and interested in learning and developing new techniques and skills.


  • Sitting, standing, walking, and repetitive procedures, light lifting; ability to analyze data and design experiments and present scientific concepts to colleagues.

Experience Level: Junior/Associate
Work From: Remote from Region

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