Laboratory Technician/Weighbridge Dispatcher @ Chevron

Job Information

Job Description:

Responsibilities for this position may include but are not limited to:

  • Carrying out on an independent basis all analytical testing on raw materials, intermediate and finished products both for Chevron lubricant production and toll production of VII products.
  • Interpreting results, inputs into the lab QM/MII fiori system.
  • Calculating corrections
  • Carrying out the weighing and preparing the shipping documents for lubricants and VII products, including CMR , tremcards , COA, ADR documents and custom paperwork.
  • Providing the toll customer on a daily basis the requested data on shipments
  • Recording data on shipments, both for filing and demurrage claims
  • Making a planning for loading bulk and packed goods and contacting the hauliers if there are changes in the schedule.
  • Archiving all files of loaded finished products and delivered raw materials.
  • SAP/MII operations :  printing delivery notes of loaded goods and booking of all raw materials in SAP stock system.
  • Recording data on shipments, both for filing and demurrage claims
  • Maintenance of all lab equipment and contact with suppliers and technical specialists.
  • Preparing lab standards and carry out calibration on a regular basis
  • Carrying  out or take care of the preventive maintenance on the lab equipment
  • Keeping the storehouse stock levels of testing equipment and lab consumables on an economical level
  • Providing all statistical data and interpretation necessary for the toll processing and according to the requirements of the quality care systems in place
  • Calculating corrections on production batches and giving advise on corrections that have to be carried out by the production department.
  • Keeping stock of test samples according contractual agreements and customer request.
  • Preparing the  shipment of samples to customers
  • Interpretation of  SQC results of different finished products and giving the necessary recommendations


Required Qualifications :

  • Minimum study level :  a professional bachelor’s degree in laboratory technology or equivalent in a relevant field, e.g. Chemistry, Biochemistry.
  • Minimum of 2 years experience working in a laboratory environment.
  • Is willing to learn dispatch/weighbridge activities where documents are created to be passed along with a driver.
  • Communicates fluently and professionally in Dutch and English, both orally and in writing.
  • Works proactively and takes responsibility.
  • Has good technical-administrative skills.
  • Strong analytical skills & attention to detail.
  • Proven capability to work to deadlines, working under pressure and ensuring delivery of required service.
  • Works in a highly organized manner.
  • Works well in teams, has good problem-solving skills and a customer-oriented attitude.


Preferred Qualifications :

  • Knowledge of SAP is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Excel and Word is a plus.
  • Experience with ASTM methods is a plus.
  • Experience with laboratory quality audits is a plus.
  • Experience with dispatch such as creation of documents like CMR, COA and loading slip is a plus.

Experience Level: Junior/Associate
Work From: Onsite

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