Lead Platform Engineer, Frontend Developer Experience @ Personio

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  • You will research, engineer and experiment with new ways to improve developer satisfaction and increase developer velocity by providing efficient, effective tooling and questioning the status quo.
  • Your scope will encompass the entire process of building , testing, deploying, releasing, and monitoring front-end components across all environments, from the local machine straight through to our production clusters.
  • You will foster relationships and partner with product teams to support them through platform specific migrations. You’ll learn from and understand the challenges they face so that you can translate them into result-oriented solutions that help improve their experience of building software at Personio.
  • You will act as a technical leader to your teammates and help improve the team’s engineering culture, defining best practices on how we manage technical debt, refactoring, design patterns and coding principles, code review and pair programming.
  • You will mentor and coach other engineers to grow into the next generation of technical leaders
  • You will use your existing experience to help drive the platform forward with new ideas and strategies that help maintain the quality, reliability, security, performance and cost effectiveness of the product and platform.
  • You will partner with your engineering manager, keeping them up to date and informed with technical details across multiple projects. Helping to ensure the team is delivering results in an iterative fashion that is driven by impact and promotes a culture of experimentation and shipping to learn.
  • Over 8 years of software engineering experience building and designing scalable applications, tools or distributed systems. You understand the needs of software engineers working in product teams, you’ve been in their shoes, and can empathize with them. You want to help your fellow engineers to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • You have leadership experience having previously acted as a mentor or role model to other engineers. Ideally leading pair and mob programming sessions, as well as setting up and running technical brainstorming and solution design sessions.
  • You strike a balance between a strategic and tactical mindset. You are capable of working with your engineering manager to translate the platform’s strategic vision into tactical, achievable objectives for the team.
  • You have a strong expertise with working with TypeScript codebases (NodeJS services, React frontends). In particular you’re comfortable with the intricacies of their build ecosystems (build tools, tasks, runners, etc.).
  • You excel at designing, building, documenting and distributing robust and delightful solutions in the form of services, CLI tools, scripts & plugins for developers.
  • You’re opinionated on development processes and best practices (merge requests, approvals, trunk-based vs branch-based development, etc), and are eager to optimize and automate them.
  • You want to work with a very technical team on developer-facing tools and services, and you understand the value of writing great technical documentation and useful tutorials.
  • You are data driven and are passionate about using metrics to define and evaluate your engineering design decisions.
  • You have an excellent written and spoken English (level C1/C2 on the CEFR scale)
  • We are experiencing rapid growth and are “building our plane while flying it” so bring your agile mindset to the table!
  • You embrace feedback – no one is perfect, neither are we. So let’s make this an opportunity to praise and learn from each other.
  • Finally, you have a good sense of humor. Have fun with us, learn with us from mistakes and bring your good vibes!

  • Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Green Transportation (For NYC based employees)
  • Home office setup allowance
  • Gym allowance
  • 20 days of paid vacation, plus another additional day after 2 and 4 years (because we love what we do, but we also love vacation!)
  • 2 Impact Days you can use to have an impact on the environment and society –  one for an individual project of your choice and one for a company-wide initiative! #SocialResponsibility
  • Annual personal development budget for you to invest in your development via professional memberships, external certifications, conferences, and more
  • Receive family leave, child support, and sabbatical opportunities with PersonioCares

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Remote from Region

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