Lead Process Control Systems Specialist-230014U@ Valero Energy

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  • Determines proper method and approach to upgrade operating systems and/or applications.  Ensures existing data is kept intact.
  • Determines proper approach to troubleshooting DCS operating systems and application of software and hardware.  Determines nature of problem, develops a strategy of correction, implements solution, and verifies that problem has been resolved.
  • Performs software backups and other routine system maintenance tasks on all DCS computers in the refinery.
  • Creates new user accounts, and assigns privileges, quotas, and other system resources.
  • Manages the ethernet network to allow access of token-ring PC network as well as all other DCS users.
  • Maintains maintenance support agreements with Digital and other vendors for software and hardware.
  • Develops, maintains, and monitors relevant performance and accounting statistics, and makes changes to improve system performance.
  • Performs system diagnostics as required.
  • Writes and customizes startup and operational command procedures.
  • Performs resource management activities (disk space).
  • Develops and documents startup and shutdown procedures, including normal shut down, forced shutdown and end of day procedures.
  • Uses troubleshooting diagnostic applications to determine problem areas and replace components as required.
  • Programs Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) ladder logic.
  • Backs-up bulk storage devices.
  • Edits reports.
  • Follows all safety rules and guidelines as established by the Refinery.

This position is salaried exempt status, which means you are not eligible for overtime pay.



  • High School diploma or GED required.
  • 5 years of operations, computer networking, and/or maintenance of field instrumentation required.
  • Associate’s degree in Industrial Computer Systems Technology preferred.

Experience Level: Mid-Senior
Work From: Onsite

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