Manufacturing Engineering Manager @ Whirlpool

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Job Description:

Your responsibilities will include

  • Mentor, train, and develop direct reports to provide Engineering support to sustain manufacturing equipment’s ongoing performance to equipment design standards.
  • Support with Rapid Response Engineering Team (RRT) to address high visibility issues hindering production throughput and provide leadership support to key manufacturing technical challenges.
  • Direct work assignments for Sustaining Manufacturing Engineer, and allocate resources as required to balance support on the Manufacturing Floor.
  • Interface with Production, Continuous Improvement, and Automated System Technicians to ensure optimal operations of the production system in a safe manner and monitor equipment performance on a continuous basis using digital dashboards and other indicators to maintain focus where it is most critical on an ongoing basis.
  • Perform guidance to the troubleshooting /design/redesign of highly complex automation systems. 6. Set up Engineering standards and procedures where necessary to ensure consistency and optimization in sustaining engineering.
  • Support the reliability engineering initiative through data collection, spare parts list formation, recommendation of preventative maintenance (PM), and utilizing SPCs and other data to improve equipment uptime through reliability.
  • Document improvements and participate in feedback/kaizen events.

Minimum requirements

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering or other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) field
  • 6+ years of engineering manufacturing experience
  • 3+ years of people leadership experience

Preferred skills and experiences

  • Experience in vertically integrated manufacturing with moderate to high production volumes
  • Good understanding and operation skills of personal computers and associated equipment.
  • Good communicator with strong written and articulation skills.
  • Project management and team-building skills.
  • Working knowledge of Automation Systems

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite

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