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.Manufacturing Supervisor:

  • Manages high-performance process team(s) employees so that short- and long-term production commitments and process development plans can be met and exceeded.
  • Responsible for actively managing multiple Fab and Test production lines for optimum throughput while exhibiting and communicating solid advocacy for safe working practices and product quality.
  • Participates in cross-functional projects, communicating and working closely with peer supervisor groups and other representatives from the manufacturing support teams.
  • Responsible for a team typically consisting of approximately 18 people.  Teams work in clean rooms and ESD environments where various products for wireless semiconductor devices are fabricated and tested.
  • Training plan for the supervisor may include a rotation of in-fab/Test hands-on execution of operating processes and procedures.
  • Responsible for providing leadership to the team and facilitating the development and implementation of training plans and strategies to meet business commitments. Accountable for performance management and promotes continuous learning and process improvement.
  • Teams work 12-hour Alternative Work Schedules.  This is a salaried position that will include working Saturdays and Sundays.  The supervisor will exhibit flexibility in their work schedule as some training and regular ongoing responsibilities may occur or extend outside the assigned shift hours.
  • Management can periodically review supervisor roles and assignments as business needs dictate and adjust as necessary.
  • The current opening is for a night shift schedule, alternating Wednesdays and every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday into Sunday morning. Shift hours are 6 pm to 6 am.

Minimum Education/Requirements:

  • Associate degree or equivalent related work experience. This leadership position requires solid communication, essential project management, and people management skills.


The responsibilities and duties herein are not intended to be all-inclusive. There will be other duties as assigned. In addition, all Broadcom employees are expected to:

1. Coach and facilitate the team’s interpersonal conflict resolution, decision-making, and group problem-solving.

  • Coach team members through interpersonal conflicts.
  • Train and coach team members to develop team decision-making processes.
  • Consult with teams in problem-solving.
  • Encourage team-based exercises.
  • Teach team members methods to gain access to the information they need.
  • Model practical interpersonal relationships/skills.
  • Continually transfer skills to teams to help them become increasingly self-reliant.
  • Help team members develop leadership skills.
  • Promote a single-shift mentality by removing barriers between shifts and teams.

2. Facilitate teams utilizing various techniques dealing with group issues, defining group norms, and proposing methods to help teams focus on and meet their objectives.

  • Coach teams by establishing and measuring team metrics.
  • Help teams set common goals and align to a joint plan to achieve the goals.
  • Facilitate, coach, and teach skills that help couples achieve their goals. Reward meeting goals.
  • When goals are not met – guide teams through corrective action. Challenge complacency.
  • Assure non-performance is appropriately corrected.
  • Help align team efforts to customer needs. Reduce the barriers between customers/teams.
  • Propose methods to help the team focus on the critical few objectives for success.
  • Help couples adopt the meeting code of conduct and develop meeting mechanics skills.
  • Provide teams with feedback on behavior and performance issues.
  • Provide teams with processes (not answers).
  • Support the cultural shift from individual focus to teamwork and team effectiveness.

3. Facilitate according to Broadcom objectives, policies, and guidelines.

  • Interpret company policy as appropriate while meeting business objectives.
  • Provide timely, effective two-way communication.

4. Work with teams to understand dynamic customer needs and meet business fundamentals.

  • Help teams understand the business metrics and their role in supporting them.
  • Coach teams and individuals focus on business fundamental improvements.
  • Ensure teams are aligned with the organization’s goals and business fundamentals.

5. Help develop skills to effectively communicate with cross-functional groups (i.e., EIG, Eng., etc…).

6. Facilitate developing and adopting the organization’s vision, mission, beliefs, values, and principles.

7. Manage the quality of work produced.

  • Champion the “standardization” of work practices across shifts, functions, and teams.
  • Encourage re-use of proven processes or procedures.
  • Help teams develop and use effective strategies.
  • Challenge teams to accelerate their growth and development.
  • Provide objective feedback to teams as an outside observer – strengths/weaknesses.
  • Provide and encourage team self-assessment. Help teams complete and act on the results of audits.

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite

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