Mechanic – Boilermaker – Pipefitter, Ferndale Refinery @ Phillips 66

Job Information

Job Description:

Responsibilities May Include:

  • Following all Ferndale Refinery safe practices, procedures, engineering standards, specifications, and regulations
  • Communicating all safety concerns and incidents to supervision immediately
  • Communicating work status, findings, and improvement opportunities to supervision
  • Performing Job Safety Analysis (JSA) including identifying specific hazards and applying proper mitigations
  • Operating mobile equipment including fork trucks, manlifts, bundle extractors, vehicles, Broderson, etc.
  • Operating hand and power tools including but not limited to wrenches, torque guns, flange spreaders, overhead hoists, lifting devices, benders, saws, grinders, beveling tools, pipe threaders, cutting torches, rod out devices, hydro pumps, etc
  • Providing basic examination, troubleshooting, repair, replacement, and preventive maintenance of fixed equipment assets including work requiring the use of advanced PPE such as fully encapsulated suits and supplied air
  • Blinding and unblinding equipment and processes to support maintenance and operational needs
  • Removing, cleaning, repairing, replacing, and installing fixed equipment major components including but not limited to exchanger bundles, air cooled exchanger/furnace/boiler tubes, tower internals, piping systems, structural systems, etc
  • Removing, cleaning, repairs, replacing, and installing auxiliary equipment including but not limited to sight glasses, valves, pipe strainers, filters, PSVs, swing gates, etc
  • Performing assembly and disassembly of bolted joints on piping and flanged connections on exchangers, manholes, etc using proper gaskets, bolting, gasket face preparation, and torque specifications
  • Laying out, measuring, calculating, cutting, prepping, fitting for welder, assembling, and installing pipe according to specifications
  • Measuring, cutting and threading pipe to specifications, using pipe threaders and benders
  • Installing process tubing systems to specifications using measurements, benders, and appropriate fittings
  • Reading and understanding load charts, inspecting rigging devices, and using proper rigging techniques and crane signaling to support, lift, or lower equipment safely
  • Testing, replacing, and repairing steam tracing and steam traps
  • Clearing plugged piping using mechanical rod out devices
  • Using oxy acetylene torch or plasma arc cutter to cut structural steel, bolts, plate etc
  • Performing hydrostatic testing of piping and equipment per specification
  • Performing other tasks as assigned by management to the level of training of the individual in order to maintain operations and the general facility

Required Qualifications:

  • Legally authorized to work in the United States without restrictions
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Willing and able to obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC). Information can be found at
  • 5 years or more of heavy industrial experience in a qualified craft (pipefitter, steamfitter, boilermaker, or industrial maintenance mechanic)
  • Must have a journey level certification in a qualified craft (pipefitter, steamfitter, boilermaker, or industrial maintenance mechanic) from a registered apprenticeship program OR NCCER 4 level training program OR equivalent technical degree
  • Proficiency with computer applications including MS Outlook, computer-based training, and other computer applications
  • Willing and able to perform and comply with the following, with or without reasonable accommodation:
  • Work at least an 8-hour shift which may include evenings, weekends and holidays
  • Work overtime
  • Work in enclosed spaces such as tanks, towers, and vessels
  • Work near large, hot, high speed machines
  • Climb up to 200 feet in height
  • Transport articles up to 50 pounds
  • Work around chemicals, including acids and bases
  • Work around hydrocarbons under high pressure and heat
  • Work outside in harsh weather conditions
  • Wear fire retardant clothing and personal protective equipment (such as steel-toe shoes, ear and eye protection)
  • Maintain your face daily so that a respirator/face mask can seal properly (some examples include being free of facial hair and/or clean shaven)
  • Respond to refinery emergencies during off-hours

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 5 years or more years of refinery maintenance experience working in a journey level qualified craft (pipefitter, steamfitter, boilermaker, or industrial maintenance mechanic)
  • Experience with SAP for maintenance activities
  • Experience working while in supplied air and encapsulated suits
  • Knowledge of mechanical principals including basic rigging, materials of construction, bolted joint assembly, torque requirements, proper use of hand and power tools, measurements, mobile equipment, etc
  • Knowledge of basic shop mathematics and material dimensions including pipe sizes and schedules, alloy material awareness and use
  • Ability to read and interpret manuals, procedures, mechanical drawings, P&IDs, as well as create isometric and plan view sketches
  • Ability to effectively communicate with others including collaborative interpersonal skills, providing clear explanations, constructive listening, understanding instructions, and asking questions as appropriate
  • Effective written communication skills pertaining to documenting inspection and repair information
  • Ability to work independently, using manuals and other information to troubleshoot and resolve problems effectively


Experience Level: Mid-Senior
Work From: Onsite

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