Mechanical Reliability Engineer @ PBF Energy

Job Information

Job Description:

Key Responsibilities

•    Maintain a vigilant focus on safety and enable others to do the same
•    Perform engineering analysis of inspection findings ( e.g. Fitness for Service, T-min)
•    Engineer safe, reliable, cost effective solutions
•    Conduct field visits and verifications of engineering solutions
•    Stay abreast of and apply industry codes, company standards, best practices, and programs in engineered solutions
•    Keep an up-to date prioritized worklist, and use it to effectively communicate status of work and commitments
•    Provide documentation and drawing updates for equipment revisions and repairs
•    Maintain effective lines of communication across the plant including the inspection group, maintenance, operations, process engineering, etc.
•    Provide leadership and compliance with Management of Change guidelines
•    Utilize reliability engineering analysis including, but not limited to, RAM analysis, Weibull, Reliability growth model, and Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) to support recommendations and assist the organization in prioritization of work
•    Provides mechanical engineering support to Capital Projects Department
•    Participate in the effective planning and execution of turnarounds via participation in Risk Based Work Selection, meeting engineering milestones, and support during the downtime with timely and accurate engineering of discovery work
•    Develop Capital Project Development Requests with clear justification (as assigned)
•    Participate in/ lead incident investigations that get to the real root cause and provide relevant recommendations to prevent reoccurrence in a cost effective manner
•    Clarify, reassess, and adjust Equipment Reliability Operating Envelopes as issues arise
•    Contribute to effective PBF circuit-wide networking activities


Job Qualifications

•    Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering degree with 3 years or more work experience in refining industry preferred
•    Ability to conduct site/field visits
•    Good problem solving skills
•    Strong communication skills (verbal and written)
•    Ability to manage a large workload and changing priorities
•    Basic understanding of engineering drawings
•    Working knowledge of industry codes and company standards
•    Understanding of fixed equipment design, construction, and operating principles
•    Understanding of reliability tools, risk based decision making, and available tools and resources

Experience Level: Junior/Associate
Work From: Onsite

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