Medical Science Liaison, Neurology @ AbbVie

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Job Description:

The Opportunity:  

  • Assist relationships and advance the scientific credibility of the Company with established and emerging external experts. 
  • Respond to requests for scientific/medical information and provide key scientific information updates to external experts, and internal stakeholders as appropriate.  
  • Develop/maintain key scientific knowledge that enables credible dissemination of scientific information, informed scientific dialogue with physicians and external experts and development of professional working relationships. 
  • Participate in set up, oversight and follow-up of assigned IIS projects, clinical studies and medical projects. 
  • Provide expert knowledge and guidance on the relevant Industry Codes of Conduct relating to review of promotional & non-promotional materials and activities. 
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable national laws & regulations, guidelines, codes of conduct, AbbVie’s policies & procedures, and accepted standards of best practice.

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Provide scientific and technical support for, and help maintain professional and credible relationships with, external experts/ academic centers to ensure access to current medical/scientific information on the products/areas of therapeutic interest. 
  • Maintain contacts with physicians and external experts in order to satisfy their needs for scientific knowledge in the therapeutic area and, where requested, AbbVie drugs/products the MSL carries responsibility for. 
  • Deliver credible presentations on scientific matters to physicians, individually or in groups (stakeholder meetings, journal clubs, Nurse Training/Best Practice Sharing Meetings etc.), where requested. 
  • Participate in the selection process to identify appropriately qualified physicians the Company would wish to engage in collaborative efforts – such as potential research collaborations, or lecture/meeting support (Advisory Boards, Congresses, Symposia, etc.); and to ensure a high level of scientific or educational integrity in these collaborative efforts.
  • Assist in initiation, oversight and follow-up of assigned clinical studies/medical projects initiated within the relevant TA (e.g. IIS projects, post-marketing clinical activities such as registry/database projects, epidemiological surveys, clinical studies).  Note: all activities to comply with applicable local laws, guidelines, codes of practice, SOPs, and GPRD SOPs. 
  • Develop awareness and understanding of competitor issues/intelligence – for example, product strategies, studies, commercial messages, positioning, etc. – and communicate, where appropriate, within the Company. 
  • Attend relevant Scientific Societies meetings/Conferences, and develop summaries of key messages for use within the Company – such as key areas of scientific/company interest, new trends in diagnosis, monitoring and treatments in the TA, etc. 
  • Upon request, assist physicians appropriately direct requests for access to Company products on a compassionate use basis, subject to all applicable legal and regulatory requirements 
  • Support sales/marketing/internal team areas to develop their scientific and technical expertise through the delivery of scientific update presentations. 
  • Provide external experts and internal medical/clinical teams with scientific/technical support for publications of scientific/ medical interest. 
  • Support the development and review of promotional material in collaboration with the Commercial teams and Medical colleagues in accordance with all relevant regulations and industry voluntary codes of practice. 
  • Ensure adherence of all activities to company and regulatory requirements as well as industry voluntary codes of practice. 
  • Provide specialised medical/scientific information support to the commercial teams in defense of the brands, including response to complaints and initiation of complaints. 
  • Support Medical and Commercial Teams with provision of expert Medical Information and advice, including support for continuing education. 
  • Support the provision of scientific information service to Healthcare professionals and consumers. 
  • Utilise Global Medical Information and Library servicers to research and compile relevant drug information in response to a broad range of medical enquiries received via phone, email, internet or mail.  
  • Understands the Pharmacovigilance and Product Quality reporting requirements and their impact on medical information. Ensures that all potential adverse events or quality defects are appropriately reported and followed-up according to Company procedures. 
  • Ensure up to date knowledge of products uses and external data. 
  • Perform administrative duties promptly as assigned. 
  • Experience that will help you get started 
  • Advanced degree (e.g. PharmD., MD, PhD) in a relevant scientific discipline is preferred but candidates with an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline and demonstrated experience will be considered.
  • Experience in developing and maintaining expert knowledge for the assigned therapeutic area, and in medical research in general.
  • Solid knowledge of the pharmaceutical environment and the role of Medical Affairs in advancing the medical and scientific objectives of a pharmaceutical company.
  • Demonstrated expertise in the scientific methods applied to clinical research and current legislative/regulatory controls applicable to this research.
  • Ability to comprehensively learn about new subject areas and environments.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication and presentation skills, with a demonstrated ability to develop and maintain strong collaborative relationships with thought leaders, physicians and other healthcare decision-makers.
  • A good understanding of written and oral English is desirable.
  • High customer orientation.
  • Strong commitment to compliance with the relevant rules and procedures, and scientific quality and integrity.

Experience Level: Mid-Senior
Work From: Onsite

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