Mfg Support Ops 2 @ Symantec

Job Information

Job Description:

This manufacturing position involves operating semiconductor-processing equipment in a cleanroom environment.  The manufacturing operator is responsible for meeting daily production goals in support of cleanroom fabrication operations.  The areas of concentration include photolithography – both coat/develop and pattern exposure – pattern transfer via both wet and dry etching techniques, substrate cleaning via wet chemistry, metrology and other semiconductor processes.
Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Operate manually- or computer-controlled equipment to meet production and quality goals
  • Work constructively with other team members to process wafers and optical components
  • Utilize computer software to track operational performance and make minor corrections to improve productivity
  • Follow quality management procedures and identify quality issues
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment
  • Multitask to perform other required duties as assigned by a supervisor


The Ideal Candidate:

  • enjoys working hard in a fast-paced, collaborative environment,
  • is detail-oriented,
  • exhibits strong problem-solving skills as related to equipment and manufacturing issues,
  • is self-directed and able to work with limited supervision

Qualification and Experience:


  • High-school diploma or GED.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word computer applications.
  • Ability to perform light lifting and carrying duties, and to sit and/or stand for an extended period of time (3-5 hrs.)


  • Previous manufacturing experience in a cleanroom environment.

Experience Level: Mid-Senior
Work From: Onsite

Company Information

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