Organizational Development & Training specialist @ SanDisk

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Be responsible for conducting and implement site annual training needs survey, analysis and planning. Be responsible for training and talent development program design, planning, customized global rollout and deploy to site. Communicate with key stakeholders to identify specific training or talent development needs and provide new methods and ideas to facilitate successful future development solutions.

  • Conduct training needs survey, training needs analysis, and create training plan
  • Implement training plan through working with internal and external trainers
  • Design training materials and training courses delivery
  • Design and plan talent development programs to meet the talent needsĀ (eg: NCG, Frontline Leader)
  • Ability to facilitate OD intervention
  • Global Training Program rollout


  • Bachelor Degree or above, certified Trainer preferred, 5+ yrs experience
  • Master Degree or above, certified Trainer preferred, 3+ yrs experience
  • Learning agility


  • Development project management experience is preferred
  • (OD)Organizational Development experience is preferred


  • Excellent English speaking, reading and writing capabilities
  • Good at planning & organizing, drive for result
  • Learning agility
  • Stakeholder Influencing skill
  • Creative

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite

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