Principal Product Manager, HR Apps @ Gusto

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Job Description:

ere’s what you’ll do day-to-day:

  • Share impact they’ve had to their peers and cross-functional stakeholders in specific, tangible, and non-jargony terms
  • Focus on client facing products though strong product-minded leaders in other crafts who fit the profile are also welcomed to apply
  • Excellent technical acumen with the ability to understand technical diagrams and discuss tradeoffs in approach with senior engineers
  • Strong opinions and high standards around the user experience — is particularly adept at thinking about systems, cohesiveness, and how to approach governance
  • Has managed very senior people before and knows how to align them, when to give space, and when and how to coach and motivate
  • Undaunted by organizational complexity and relishes in change management and unsticking sticky situations
  • Energized by customer empathy and understanding, while being able to speak to how customer impact is driving the business forward
  • Thinks of themselves as a cross functional business leader first — is not tied to a particular craft swim lane
  • Able to move from high altitude brainstorming and architecture down into problem solving and unblocking teams in the weeds when it’s required
  • Executive presence and strong storytelling skills — can craft a simple vision for a complex system, inspire people to rally around it, and drive iterative but meaningful results

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • 8+ years of product management experience working on high growth digital experiences, with at least 4 of those years focused on customer facing products
  • Demonstrated experience scaling platform products end-to-end. 0-1experience is a bonus
  • Ideal candidates will have seen products through a period of growth, transition or change and will have proven methodologies and tangible examples for how they’ve driven adoption

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite

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