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Job Description

•    Responsible for the creation of the project work breakdown structures, risk management, integrated business plans and product requirements. Leads the cross functional development of product architecture for each functional area, synthesizes functional plans and identifies critical interdependencies to drive successful execution of the project.
•    Applies extensive technical expertise & has full knowledge of related disciplines.  Develops technical and business process solutions to complex problems which require the regular use of ingenuity and creativity. In partnership with the platform and core team members, leads the development and commercialization, go to market and launch strategy for the project(s).
•    Represents the organization as the prime contact on contracts and projects.  Interacts with senior external personnel on significant technical matters often requiring coordination between organizations.
•    Create and effectively manage & execute complex project plans along with MDS R&D /cross functional leadership team.
•    Collaborates with cross functional team to ensure timely delivery, review and approvals via multiple stakeholder inputs as well as other conflicting/dependent programs.
•    Effectively communicates key project risks, mitigation plans and needs for help up through the leadership hierarchy.
•    Challenges core team members, functional leaders and business leaders regarding functional and cross functional strategies and approaches in order to improve Program development outcomes.
•    Analyzes development situations and data with in-depth evaluation of multiple factors.
•    Communicates and implements the strategic and technical direction for the project/program team.
•    Complete understanding of a wide application of project management principles, theories & concepts
•    Identifies and drives platform-wide efficiency improvements for operational and transactional business processes
•    Mentors & develops junior level PMs and cross-functional core team members

Experience Level: Junior/Associate
Work From: Hybrid

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