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What you will do

  • Setting team’s development objective, regular 1 on 1 with team members to help them with their career path;
  • Leading, and developing the art team, providing constructive art feedback, training, and coaching both internal and external partners;
  • Foresee the potential risk of our project and team, support the Art Director/Producer with evaluation and mitigation;
  • Work in close collaboration with production team to identify, explore new business opportunities from global insights, achieve the unified vision of product value development and revenue growth goals;
  • Team up with art discipline leads, help scope and schedule the desired work, foster and communicate the vision to the team. Build and maintain dependency driven asset schedules to ensure successful, on time, release of content, to the Game Art Quality bar;
  • Be responsible for final delivery, and quality control in accordance with the project’s artistic direction, technical restrictions, and deadlines;
  • Create a working environment friendly and constructively for cross-team collaboration, ensuring a productive internal workflow and beneficial relationships with internal/external partners;
  • In collaboration with the Art Director/Producer, evaluate staffing requirements and be involved in the artists’ recruitment process.


What you bring:

  • The demonstrated leadership of independently managing and running a full healthy and productive art development pipeline;
  • The craft expertise for artistic benchmarks and asset creation/production for premium content and thematic updates;
  • An up to date knowledge of design trends and the monetization aspect of video games;
  • Conduct and communicate competition and market watch to stay on the edge of the industry’s monetization practices and trends;


  • Minimum 4+ years of game development experience, with 1+ years of management experience, and a core lead credit in at least two games that have been successfully shipped;
  • The proven expertise in the monetization aspect of video games is preferable.
  • You own the proven ability to work in highly collaborative, interdisciplinary, iterative environment, while delivering under deadlines and time constraints;
  • You have the deep understanding of art fundamentals (lighting, composition, architecture, anatomy, proportion, etc.), artistic culture (photography, movies, books, comics, etc.) & video game culture;
  • You have an eye for Global Market, Player Behavior,  International Trend Aesthetics;
  • You have strong interest in Game and Game Development, get extensive understanding of games in multiple genres across all platforms, and have working knowledge of industry required art software;
  • You are the talent for promoting vision and methodologies and inspiring and coach others;
  • You have great mastery of diverse art styles, and you are open-minded, receptive to new ideas and fresh perspective;

Experience Level: Mid-Senior
Work From: Onsite

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