R&D Specialist (Product Developer) 研发员 @ Nestlé

Job Information

Job Description:

Key Outputs:


• Provide suitable product solution to translate value added dairy product(rich milk, whipping cream etc.) and plant based dairy alternative related product from the ideation to commercialization with defined quality at agreed time and cost

• Well know the dairy, cream, stabilizer and emulsifier’s property and build a stable oil-in-water emulsion through suitable product and process design and implementation

• Efficiently communicate with key stakeholders and customers to drive the meaningful discussion and alignment

• Quick action to drive the prototype/product improvement/optimization and customization


• Deliver dairy/ cream process solution with defined quality at agreed time, resources and cost

• Effectively manage scope changes through proactive and open communication with stakeholders and customers

• Anticipate issues and provide alternative solution(s)


• Create synergies through effective networking with all relevant R&D Units, business partners, markets, SBUs, Head Office, external partners (Open Innovation)

Key Experiences:

‘- Has a minimum of 3 years of experience in liquid dairy and whipping cream related product development, strong product design of experiment required

– Familiar with liquid dairy, rich milk and whipping cream product related ingredients and process

– familiar with cross-functional work with factories, R&D units and zones/markets

– proven vertical and horizontal communication skills (different stakeholders)

– team player

– ability to work on several projects in parallel

– Strong skill in project management

Experience Level: Junior/Associate
Work From: Onsite

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