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Job Description:

Principle Roles & Responsibilities / Accountabilities 主要职责/责任
(Major functions of the position) (职位的首要职能)

oImplement innovative and effective marketing program according to the marketing strategy, close cooperation with central mkt, sales team.


  • oEstablish pertinent regional marketing plan
  • 制定有针对性的区域市场计划
  • oAccomplish national marketing plan with the cooperation of PM
  • 协助PM完成全国性市场活动
  • oImplement regional marketing programs with the cooperation of sales team
  • 会同销售团队执行区域市场计划
  • oActively feedback information from expert and competitor
  • 及时反馈区域专家、医生及竞争产品的信息
  • oOrganize the Local academic meeting with attractive contents under our strategy
  • 组织区域会议,合理安排会议内容并及时反馈
  • oManage market program budgets within financial limit
  • 管理市场活动费用支出,确保不超出预算费用

oDeliver smooth sales communication and training, drive field force implementation of marketing strategy


  • oClearly delivery marketing strategies to ensure the marketing plans and programs smoothly implement to obtain business growth
  • 清晰地传递市场策略以确保市场活动的有效执行
  • oCollect sales team’s feedback through routine communication & field visit: Environment, Competition, Brand Message, Activities
  • 在日常沟通和实地随访中收集销售的反馈:市场环境,竞争,产品信息,活动反馈
  • oRoutine product knowledge training to sales team
  • 定期对销售进行产品知识培训
  • oJoint call with MIC and DSM, attend regular meeting
  • 与一线销售和地区经理的协同拜访,定期参加周会
  • oKeep in touch with the PM and Medical for the clinic studies, and make sure completing the studies on time
  • 就临床研究情况及时与PM和医学部同事沟通,确保及时完成研究
  • oCoordinate with sales manager through the integration program for making consents on local promotion
  • 通过整合项目与销售经理在全国各区域协调一致,完成目标

oDevelop and manage KOL


  • oEstablish KOL profile.
  • 建立关键客户档案
  • oOrganize pertinent activity and development plan of KOL
  • 有针对性的组织关键客户的会议活动及发展计划

Hiring qualification and requirements 录用条件及要求

Years of Working Experience工作年限 :

  •     At least 3 years’ experience
  • 至少3年工作经验
  • At least 2 years’ experience in sales or marketing unit of major or joint venture Pharma. Company
  • 2年以上大型或合资制药企业的销售或市场工作经验


  • Language skill: Good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • 语言技能:  具有良好的英语听说读写能力
  • Good skills of MS Office tools
  • 良好的办公室软件应用能力


  •     University Degree and above
  • 本科及以上学历

Relatedfieldrequirements 相关领域的要求

  •     Medication, marketing, commerce preferred; Experience in CV field preferred
  • 医学,药学,市场,商科专业优先;心血管领域工作经验优先

Job Required Competencies岗位所需胜任力

  • oGood accountability of medical understanding and marketing plan implementing.
  • 良好的医学理解和市场计划贯彻能力
  • oKnowledge and experience in driving regional product management
  • 具有管理区域产品的知识和经验
  • oExcellent analytical, communication skill and good accountability of problem solving.
  • 优秀的分析、沟通及解决问题的能力
  • oExcellent presentation and interpersonal skill
  • 优秀的表达和人际能力
  • oLeadership / coaching skill
  • 领导和教练能力
  • oManage Oneself/demonstrate leadership within own role
  • 自我管理并在个人职责上表现出领导力

Travel Frequency出差频率

  • 25% – 50%


Experience Level: Mid-Senior
Work From: Onsite

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