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Job Description:

  • Job Duties/Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:
    • Understanding of business model and acting within the business process guidance on review and approval for variance programs and commercial actions.
    • Designing and assisting dealers on the forecast, sales/rental/used strategy planning, and sales techniques; supporting the rollout of new products.
    • Performing regular sales performance reviews with dealers and ensuring implementation of corrective actions where needed.
    • Presenting products or services for stakeholders, answering any customer questions, and addressing their needs.

    What You Have – Skills, Knowledge, & Experiences:

    Customer Focus : Knowledge of the values and practices that align customer needs and satisfaction as primary considerations in all business decisions and ability to leverage that information in creating customized customer solutions.

    Industry Knowledge : Knowledge of the organization’s industry group, trends, directions, major issues, regulatory considerations, and trendsetters; ability to apply industry knowledge appropriately to diverse situations.

    Decision Making and Critical Thinking : Knowledge of the decision-making process and associated tools and techniques; ability to accurately analyze situations and reach productive decisions based on informed judgment.

    Effective Communications : Understanding of effective communication concepts, tools and techniques; ability to effectively transmit, receive, and accurately interpret ideas, information, and needs through the application of appropriate communication behaviors.

    Negotiating : Knowledge of successful negotiation concepts and techniques; ability to negotiate successfully across the organization and with external vendors and clients in a constructive and collaborative manner.

    Relationship Management : Knowledge of relationship management techniques; ability to establish and maintain healthy working relationships with clients, vendors, and peers.

    Value Selling : Knowledge of the principles and practices for selling products, technology and services; ability to provide overall product/service ‘value’ and to differentiate support offerings that address clearly understood customer needs.

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite

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