Senior Analyst, Engineering @ Whirlpool

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Job Description:

Your responsibilities will include

  • Integrate electronics solutions for new refrigeration products. System-level design/cost/quality/time tradeoffs and technical decision making for electronics projects.
  • Lead technical design reviews for electronics projects. Ensure project development activities are completed on time, meeting all requirements, including cost, quality and performance targets.
  • Drive system validation during concept, design, and product validation stages. Drive electronics requirements and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). Support electronics architect team to define/identify system architecture: electrical,
  • mechanical integration analysis.
  • Design electrical functional circuits.
  • Determine the electrical/electronic interface system on the product, manage configuration files, and configure systems according to the product specifications.
  • Responsible for System – subsystem level design requirements, product
  • descriptions, and failure mode and effects analysis.
  • Define and manage Interfaces to all sub-systems in compliance to the system solution. Lead subsystem teams to deliver to project requirements.
  • Work with engineers to generate and execute technical design reviews. Support definition of system validation plans, execute system validation testing and work with Verification amp; Validation Engineers to ensure traceability to verification lead technical design reviews.
  • Take ownership of tech concepts, solutions, risks/mitigation plans, and support the organization for the creation of cost estimates on proposals.
  • Provide timely and objective communications up, across, and down into the organization.
  • Evaluate the impact and risk on decisions made.
  • Resolves conflicts and issues.
  • Effectively balance multiple projects and strategic deliverables.

Minimum requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 2+ years of experience in a manufacturing environment
  • 3+ years of electronics experience in one or more of the following: Hardware, Software, wiring, sensors, or actuators.

Preferred skills and experiences

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics or related field
  • Possess expertise/knowledge sufficient to adequately perform the duties of the job being offered.
  • Expertise/knowledge may be gained through employment experience or education. Such
  • expertise/knowledge cannot be “quantified” by “time”. Required expertise/knowledge includes: Experience with troubleshooting electronics, flashing controls and reworking electronics/wire harnesses.
  • Project management skills including estimating schedules, balancing multiple projects,
  • coordinating teams, and parts tracking.
  • Knowledge of engineering processes and tools (FMEAs, validation plans (Safety and Reliability), requirement management, project milestones/tollgates, and risk management).
  • Experience with Six Sigma tools to analyze and create charts to present results.
  • Experience with engineering deep analysis on electronic schematics, complex systems, electrical parts, system interactions and project management.
  • Knowledge of product and control approval within UL and IEC standards for refrigeration units.
  • Knowledge of Refrigeration systems and how they work (Single, dual and Multi Evaporators).
  • Experience of Design for Safety and Design for Reliability.
  • Experience with C/C++, Labview, Software debugging and Acquisition Systems.
  • Experience with A3/8D tools.
  • Experience with System Engineering.
  • Experience with requirement development and validation.
  • Experience partnering with multicultural teams.
  • Experience with EMC tests for Electronics.

Experience Level: Mid-Senior
Work From: Onsite

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