Senior Manager of Engineering – NodeJS & ReactJS @ Pluralsight

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Job Description:

The Senior Manager of Engineering, Skills for Pluralsight will be responsible for the maintenance and delivery of key features or aspects of our Skills product that ensure that our customers are delighted. You will have visibility and input into how we accomplish key business priorities and will be relied upon to prioritize technical engineering considerations and workstreams to meet those objectives. You will work closely with all parts of our engineering organization, driving priorities and empowering Software Engineers and DevOps engineers with the tools vital for them to deliver. We’re looking for someone with experience building a SaaS product, crafting and presenting internal engineering processes, and leading Developers to fulfill their potential while keeping a collaborative and service-minded direction with their teams.


Who you’re committed to being:

  • A compassionate and dedicated engineering leader with emotional intelligence and maturity to work with highly capable and empowered teams. You bring out the best in your team!
  • Someone with an eye for seeing where and when technical and workflow decisions improve our maintenance overhead and product roadmaps
  • A thoughtful and artful communicator within your engineering teams and across the broader organization
  • Someone with enormous strive to build the best product


What you’ll own:

  • Product Excellence: The technology and components to delight our users, improve quality, and reduce the cost of support and maintenance of your product
  • A Reliable Experience: ensure your product meets or exceeds the contracted SLA uptime
  • Growth of Team: The responsibility for the opportunities, growth, and professional development of the engineers that report to you
  • Organizational relationship: A direct and deep relationship with US based Skills engineering leaders and team members, Skills product leaders, other engineering teams in Bengaluru
  • Product Strategy: Advise the product strategy by bringing technical perspective to the conversations
  • Product Champion: Using Pluralsight’s own products across your organization to achieve strategic goals


Experience you’ll need:

  • Overall experience of 12 to 15 years, with 4 to 5 years leading and mentoring technical team that support and partner with international technology and product teams
  • Extensive experience shipping cloud services, with technical depth to be active in decisions about the architectural investments
  • Proven track record to focus technical work on the top business priorities, and to be accountable for keeping strategic deliverables on track
  • Experience with API management, product instrumentation, analytics, continuous development and integration, and security and audit concerns
  • Strong cross-functional team and cross-department partnership skills for negotiating thoughtful agreements
  • Experience in software engineering through Lean Agile/Kanban is an advantage
  • Experience working with multiples of the following: NodeJS, TypeScript, ReactJS, C#, Python, Postgres and Cloud technologies.


Ways we work:

  • Software Craftsmanship through Test-Driven Development, Pair and mob programming, Continuous Delivery and improvement
  • Autonomous & responsible teams – making their own product & dev choices
  • Multi-functional teams – collaborating through all phases of the product dev process
  • Customer research – we build what our customers actually want
  • Trusting leaders – who empower us to create the right solutions for our customers

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite United States of America

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