Senior Previz Artist @ Tencent

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1. Responsible for the in-game previz and animation performance; collaborated with the director to make sure cinematography, camera work, and shot transitions are top-notch.
2. Have a good sense of film-grade layout/camera/blocking setup. Professional in guidance and judgment, capable of independently completing modifications and testing, and having a deep understanding and handling ability of camera design and screen tension, well experienced with IGC and gameplay seamless integration.
3. Have a deep understanding of motion capture, UE5 engine sequencer post-production Ingame multi-link effect joint adjustment; and quality improvement.
4. Have good experience in multi-location and multi-team collaboration models.


1.  Passionate about games, with a strong creative enthusiasm for AAA narrative-driven animation and story. Possess over 5 years of experience in the film, animation, or gaming industry as a 3D animator/previz artist.
2. Capable of independent creative design for previz, able to complete the early stage of Previz independently, have good product production experience in plot and narrative, and those with experience in following up and coordinating internal and external mass production pipelines are preferred.
3. Have a good understanding and expression of cinematography and narrative. Those with directing experience are preferred.
4. Essential tool skills: UE5 sequencer; Maya/Motion Builder; Metahuman Animator; Facegood; UE Animation blueprint, virtual shooting.
5. Good at communication, able to accurately express opinions and provide suggestions, possess professional bilingual communication skills in both Chinese and English and can effectively express and communicate in an English-speaking environment.

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite

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