Senior Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry @ Pfizer

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  • Drive a strong scientific agenda and the application of expert data analysis and contemporary design tools to drive effective target design and prioritization within a portfolio of projects
  • Contribute to medicinal chemistry strategy and devising hit identification strategies to move projects through the Hit-to-Lead phase with scientific excellence, efficiency, and speed
  • Play a key role in progressing projects through the Lead Optimization phase in partnership with enabling functions within Medicine Design, including Structural Biology; Chemical Biology; Primary Pharmacology; and Pharmacokinetics & Drug Metabolism, to ensure the delivery of small-molecule/synthetic drug candidates with scientific excellence, efficiency, and speed
  • Partnership with enabling functions across Pfizer, including Drug Safety, formulations, and process chemistry to drive project advancement to the clinic.
  • Contribute to the identification of new small-molecule projects and their entry to the portfolio through collaborations with disease area biologists
  • Play a role in enhancing the external reputation of Pfizer’s Medicinal Chemistry, Molecular Design, and synthetic Drug Discovery capabilities through publications and presentations at leading conferences
  • Promote and evaluate the application of novel approaches, methods, and modalities to the drug discovery process
  • Work with local Medicine Design leadership to put an active program of self-development in medicinal chemistry skills in place


  • Ph.D. degree in Organic/Medicinal Chemistry or related area of science
  • Minimum 5 years related medicinal chemistry experience in the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Track record of delivering high impact contributions to medicinal chemistry projects
  • Expert working knowledge of the key medicinal chemistry concepts and design tools required for pharmaceutical drug discovery
  • Consistent record of peer-reviewed publications from scientific work to date


  • Examples of high-impact publications in the field of Medicinal Chemistry/Drug Discovery
  • Experience leading matrix teams of scientists to deliver defined project objectives

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite

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