Senior Scientist, Chemical Process and Analytical Development @ Pfizer

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How You Will Achieve It

  • The Senior Scientist will advance Pfizer’s portfolio through personal laboratory effort as a member of large, multi-disciplinary matrix teams. A successful candidate will have a strong interest in laboratory work with a track record of delivering under tight timelines. They will drive the development of scalable processes by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as continuous processing, high-throughput experimentation, data-rich experimentation, catalysis, and predictive technologies. They will perform well-planned laboratory experiments that require complex data analysis. The Senior Scientist will respond to scientific challenges with rigor and creativity and propose technical solutions to Management requiring excellent communication skills. Technology transfer is a critical component of the role requiring the ability to author and review technical documents, reports, production records and technology transfer reports. They will follow all Pfizer safety training and laboratory research guidelines to achieve compliance with all regulations. The Senior Scientist will establish an external presence as technical expert in the field by authoring journal articles and presenting at leading external scientific meetings.

Education And Experience

  • PhD in Organic Chemistry or a master’s degree and 7+ years of experience
  • This is an on-site designated role, and you will work five days per week on-site


  • This is a laboratory based role requiring and 5-8 hours of laboratory work per day.

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite

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