Senior Storyboard Artist @ Tencent

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Job Description:

  • Based on the direction and requirements given by the Cinematic Director and Narrative Designer, output the shot scripts and storyboard. Rapidly iterate and optimize through close communication.
  • As the first stage of our game’s Cinematic Content, output high-quality designs and ideas through storyboards and Animatics, allowing subsequent stages to smoothly enter production.
  • Continuously provide the team with new cinematic ideas and thoughts.
  • Provide key frame drawings for motion design to animators.


  • Capable of designing and writing shot script based on the Narrative Direction and Creative Brief.
  • Utilize a strong cinematic director mindset, not only to draw storyboards but also to handle the storytelling and shaping characters through the choreography and cinematography.
  • Expert of key pose sketching, 2D storyboarding.
  • Capable of creating 2D Animatic
  • Deep understanding and passion for realistic military-themed games, able to accurately convey the game’s atmosphere and emotions in design.
  • Excellent team collaboration and communication skills, able to effectively collaborate with team members to complete projects.

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite

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