Sr Finance Manager 2 – Government Accounting @ General Electric

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Job Description:

Roles and Responsibilities

The Senior Government Accounting Manager will play a critical role to ensure GE Aerospace is compliant with the Cost Accounting Standards and internal policies and procedures:

  • Perform highly technical General Dollar Magnitude (GDM) modeling and analysis to pinpoint impact of potential CAS non-compliances, cost accounting practice changes (CAP) and DS revisions.
  • Major contributor to annual Disclosure Statement (DS) updates as well as support of government audits for prior year DS revisions.
  • Implement business processes that are compliant with the CAS and support the requirements in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Department of Defense supplement (DFARS), and other applicable acquisition regulations and guidance.
  • Collaborate with internal representatives and external government audit partners to support government audits.
  • Personally lead lean transformation efforts to eliminate waste, improve transparency, establish standard work, and enhance the value the team brings to the business.
  • Thrive in a culture of continuous learning with team members to deepen domain expertise, enhance overall business acumen, and prepare for additional responsibility.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Business, or related field
  • Significant related experience at a major defense contractor, DCMA, or DCAA

Desired Characteristics

  • Deep domain expertise in Government Accounting with significant practical experience calculating complex General Dollar Magnitude (GDM) cost impacts, Cost Accounting Standards and CASB Disclosure Statements.
  • Significant expertise in US Government contracting with broad understanding of FAR, DFARS, and Cost Accounting Standards.
  • Experience in complex Excel financial modeling and analytics (ROM/GDM/DCI)
  • Significant experience interacting with senior DCMA (ACO, DACO, CACO) and DCAA (supervisory auditor, Branch Manager, Regional Audit Manager).
  • Experience with FPRP and ICS cycles.
  • Strong cost accounting background related to US Government contracting.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills. Able to tailor communications to the needs of the audience.
  • Ability to apply lean principles in a transactional setting with an emphasis on root cause analysis, countermeasure development, and sustained change control.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead projects / programs.  Ability to document, plan and execute programs.  Established project management skills.
  • Comfortable working in an environment of ambiguity and changing priorities driven by customer requirements and external forces.

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite

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