Staff Engineer, Failure Analysis Engineering @ SanDisk

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Job Description:

  • Perform electrical level failure analysis (eFA) engineering work on WDC NAND flash memory products returned from OEM customers
  • Collaborate with cross-functional back-end engineering teams to identify the root cause and ensure the corrective actions are verified and implemented
  • Create failure analysis report based on FA findings and interpret the report to front-end engineering teams so that the reasoning can be well communicated to customers
  • Support tutoring the junior level team members



  • Bachelor or Master degree in Microelectronics, Electronics Engineering, Material Physics, or related specialties
  • Minimum 3 years (for Master) or 5 years (for Bachelor) technical work experiences in NAND memory industry
  • Deep understanding of NAND basic digital design concepts and analysis capabilities for complex gate-level circuit designs
  • Experiences in the application of NAND test equipment, proficient in using debug tools such as logic analyzers and oscilloscopes
  • Experiences in using C, Python or Java program language
  • Proficient English in listening, reading, writing and speaking
  • Familiar with NAND hardware development and related circuitry knowledge, experience in NAND hardware schematic and layout is a plus
  • Proficiency in Verilog and/or SV (System Verilog) simulation and debugging is a plus
  • Skills of system level firmware/design or NAND physical failure analysis (pFA) is a plus

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite

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