Strategic Procurement Manager (Graduate Role) @ HP

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Job Description:

  • Analyzes data from system queries to support a supply category, and reports any issues or problems to a procurement manager.
  • Works with senior members of the strategic procurement team in an observer capacity to learn the use of function-specific tools and systems.
  • Conducts research to support senior management to assess current and evolving business models in the marketplace, which can be leveraged to grasp business priorities and translate them into actionable procurement plans.
  • Collaborates with internal and external partners to engage with partners projects and meet procurement objectives, under the guidance of experienced team members.
  • Tests, troubleshoots, and debugs defective product units, sub-assemblies, and process steps based on established testing plans, to provide inputs to senior stakeholders for assessing and improving the procurement strategy.
  • Conducts data analysis to track procurement performance metrics, reviews them on a regular basis, and leverages insights to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Measures and reports internal results for strategic procurement projects, to ensure that strategies are delivered across the organization.
  • Conducts extensive market research and analysis to identify cost-saving opportunities and industry best practices in procurement strategy.
  • Maintains accurate procurement records and documentation, and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in procurement activities.


Individuals who do well in this role at HP, usually possess:

  • Degree in Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Engineering, Business Administration, or any other related discipline or commensurate work experience or demonstrated competence.
  • Typically has 0-1 years of work experience, preferably in procurement, supply chain, or a related field.

Experience Level: Junior/Associate
Work From: Onsite

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