Technical Manager @ PBF Energy

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Job Description:

Principle Responsibilities

  • Manage the Technical Department’s functional areas comprised of: Process Technical Support, Laboratory, Project Development, Capital Project Management, and Advanced Process Control.
  • Administer company policy within the department.  Ensure refinery administrative procedures, discipline, safety policies, management practices and labor contracts are administered consistently and fairly.
  • Participate in the development of refinery management philosophy as well as support and implement management policies and practices.
  • Model teamwork with other department managers.
  • Coordinate the development and champion opportunities to improve refinery performance.
  • Support the capital management process utilizing the AFE process.
  • Participate in the selection and development of key manufacturing information systems.
  • Directly work with the Refinery Leadership Team (RLT) to develop and control the overall facility budget for production, capital and expense.
  • Develop the department expense budget and continuously monitor these costs to anticipate and control possible variances.
  • Monitor employee activities; correct unsafe behavior immediately
  • Ensure the Technical Department supports all of the TRC HSE policies, procedures, programs and initiatives.
  • Constantly strive to prevent accidents and to provide a safe, healthy work environment.
  • Provide technical support to HSE Department.


Supervisory & Leadership

  • Mentor and lead Department Managers; Maintain, develop and improve the performance of department personnel.  This includes organizational changes to meet changing needs, developing succession plans, hiring of new personnel, and administering a personnel performance improvement program that includes goal setting, performance evaluations, and counseling to achieve high standards of performance.



  • Provide departmental support for the operability and reliability of the refinery.
  • Direct functional areas work with other refinery departments to achieve the overall business unit’s performance goals.
  • Sponsor/Lead PBF corporate and/or TRC Best Practices team, special projects, initiatives, etc., as appropriate


Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical, Environmental, Mechanical Engineering or similar field of study with a strong business background. Chemical Engineering preferred.
  • 15+ years in Refining or Petrochemicals in Engineering (Tech Service, or Process Design)
  • Must have line-management experience.
  • Familiarity with industry process safety and environment regulations, work practices, and compliance strategies as well as knowledge of basic refinery processes, reliability principles, refining economics and basic budgeting and scheduling.

Experience Level: Senior
Work From: Onsite

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