VP, Security Engineering @Hex Trust

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  • Establish Threat modeling in the company, and propose and implement mitigation strategies
  • Plan, implement and operate our security solution stack together with the rest of the team (CSPM, CWPP, PAM, SIEM, EDR,  WAF, DLP, Vulnerability management tool )
  • Assess current cybersecurity processes and propose improvements on the processes and P&P in order to have the highest overall cybersecurity standards against both external and internal hacks, fraud, or theft.
  • Manage and perform a variety of technical assessments including penetration tests source code reviews, security posture reviews, purple teaming etc.
  • Take charge of security incident management and provide oversight of follow-up and remediation actions as identified. Liaise between key stakeholders, managers, IT professionals and other Cyber Security staff within the team.
  • Manage our security vendors and partners


  • Experience working in DevOps / DevSecOps teams, understanding and working knowledge of tooling used by these teams (Terraform, CI/CD pipelines)
  • Experience with PAM, IAM applications, knowledge of OpenID, OAuth2, PKI
  • Experience with SaaS security tooling (CDNs, ng-WAFs, etc.)
  • Experience working in Cloud Native environment (AWS, GCP)
  • Experience with network security infrastructure (Web content filtering, Firewall, IDS and DLP controls)
  • Advanced security knowledge of Cloud Native stack (Kubernetes, Containers, AWS, GCP)
  • Scripting and automation experience (Python, TypeScript, Bash, etc.)
  • Application Penetration Testing, Application Security Reviews, Purple-teaming
  • Incident Response management and investigations
  • Operational familiarity with key management and HSM systems
  • At least 5 years of experience in some of the above security domains
  • At least 10 years of experience in the industry and at least 2 years of team management experience
  • Cloud certifications, CISSP, OSCP, OSEP, CRTP, CRTE will be a plus
  • Ability to influence others and work towards a common vision or goal
  • You know what high quality secure environment looks like
  • You know what it takes to run motivated team of professionals
  • You are passionate about security and building top notch security teams
  • You are interested in Blockchain and Crypto Currencies
  • You are great communicator, able to explain complex security concepts, engage with engineers and business people alike

Experience Level: Executive
Work From: Onsite

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